Elite Tips for College Newbies

1. Know your campus

2. Choose the right people

Surround yourself with the people whose vibes matches with you. Find friends that are determined and academically motivated. You must have listen this that you be like people you spend most of the time with. PEOPLE INSPIRE YOU OR THEY DRAIN YOU CHOOSE WISELY. Also no matter how close a friend is never spill all your secrets and goals to them as it will definitely create an unnecessary pressure on you and also decrease your motivation power.

3. Positive working environment

We all know this pandemic has made our life so stressful but remember you are not alone in this. You must have listen this most famous proverb “One dirty fish can contaminate the whole pond”. Same thing applies here one negative thought can make your whole mind distracted. You can follow these methods to stay positive:-

4. Stay organized

5. Learn new things

Start learning new things. Don’t wait for the right time. This pandemic has given loads of free time to everyone which is not less than a golden opportunity. You can learn any skill or do work from home internship. It will not only improve your resume as well as polish your skills. If you already have any skill then definitely you can go for freelancing.

6. Proper planning for future

When vision is clear it makes your strategy easy. Already this pandemic has given us enough time to explore about our interest and learn new skills. You should definitely know that in what direction your life is going or we can say in what direction you are taking it to? Not focusing to your studies and thinking that college is all about fun can cause you huge crisis in future.

7. Don’t forget to interact with your seniors

8.College fests and events

We know online fests and events can’t have that much fun as offline fests but still it gives you fair opportunity to interact with the students of different department and colleges. It will help you in boosting your confidence level and might be interesting. Many times these college fests have cash prices which could be a cherry on the top.

9.Don’t over use social media

Spending excess time on social media is an all time distraction for students whether it’s about college students or school students. It’s not only about time waste but it can also create a negative environment around you as we get to see all kind of positive and negative information there. If social media is used in correct manner then it is the biggest power otherwise the biggest enemy.

10. Never stop exploring

Whatever chance you get in your college to explore try to do not miss them. Colleges organize trips, placements, summer internships and too many other opportunities. Give yourself a chance to try them at all. This will surely give you wholesome chance to enjoy and explore your college life

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